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2017-02-13, 02:25
Hi today was the first time at studio x and I was really impressed with the class and the instructor Donia.She was very patient with all of us and helped us with the routine until we were comfortable.I had a great time and will definitely return for more classes!!!!
Candace B
2015-12-03, 17:20
I love the instructors! The classes are fun and an awesome work out!!
Quick refunds.us
2015-11-15, 05:59
Awesome way for core strength and personal growth.
Laura Buzani
2015-05-11, 03:15
I'm in love with This place amazing instructors. Professional and patient. Highly recommended
2015-04-26, 01:44
I went to my first pole dance lesson and LOOOOOOOOVVVEEDDDD IT! The instructor was a thick woman who made it very easy to learn, made me feel comfortable, and gave me confidence that I too, a thick mama, can actually get up there. I'm definitely getting a pass for multiple lessons and bringing my girlfriend along
2015-02-26, 01:57
I was very nervous at first, I've never done it before, it was fun & non frustrating...can't wait to go back
2015-01-16, 02:00
I have never been to a facility where I didn't feel out of place because of my size or like others were watching me and judging me until I came here. Everyone from students to instructors are so supportive and family like. I knew I made the right decision from the moment I walked in. I am completely hooked on these classes from the stretch classes to the pole and eager to plan my next weeks workout schedule around these classes.
2014-12-03, 18:29
Went to my first class last night & it was ah-may-zing!!!!
2014-11-29, 14:50
The teachers are awesome! I went once with a friend and as a man I was extreme nervous, but everyone was super nice and welcoming. I will definitely be back!
2014-11-07, 14:22
This amazing group of talented ladies have shown me that with enough determination and the right motivation, anything is possible! In just two months I have noticed a difference in my fitness level, flexibility, and confidence! The instructors are phenomenal and everyone wants to see you succeed. I've never been anywhere where the students cheer for each other just as much as the instructors! Come to as many classes as you can and stick with it. Your body can do amazing things if you're willing to learn and put in the work! Thank you Studio X for bringing a fitness program into my life that I love!
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