We ask that if this is your first pole class with the ladies at Studio X, please let this session be your first! This also includes first time pole class drop-ins. In this class you will learn the basic stretches, strengthening exercises, grips, spins, hand positions, and body awareness.  

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Please take our Intro to pole class if you have no prior experience. Our Beginners pole classes will elaborate more on the basic pole spins learned in our Intro class.  In Beginners, we will also teach you transitions, basic floor work, pole dance moves, more strength training, and more flexibility exercises to get you to the next level!  With our membership schedule you can learn at your own pace.

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 Our Intermediate pole classes will concentrate on more advanced pole spins, transitions, more advanced floor work, pole dance moves, climbing the pole, sitting on the pole, and preparation for inversions. After learning to invert we will teach basic tricks. 

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Advanced pole will concentrate on tricks, more advanced floor work and spins. We will also continue strength training so that you will gain the strength needed to master more difficult tricks. Please only attend this class if you are already inverting. 

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Pole play classes are for members to come into the studio and practice what they have been learning.  There will be an instructor available however this is not an instructed class.

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** Things to Keep In Mind **

  •  GROUPON purchases are good for any of our classes, please bring proof of purchases to your first class.  
  •  All classes are on a first come first serve basis with members taking priority.
  •  Please wear shorts to all pole classes!
  •  NO lotions or oils the day of pole class please!
  •  Non members may drop into any of these classes for $15 cash or check only in studio.
  •  If you are new to pole, please take INTRO TO POLE CLASS FIRST.  However, its not a prerequisite for any of our other classes.
  •  Shoes are not required, but do bring socks.
  •  If you would like to use shoes, please bring only dance shoes, dress shoes will not work.
  •  For more information please view our FAQs


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