Leveled Pole Dance Classes

Are you ready to start your pole dance journey with us?  Whether you are a new or experienced pole dance student we have just the right class for you! Below you can find the descriptions of our leveled pole classes.  NEW students with no prior pole experience should start with our INTRO to pole class.  If you are a student with previous pole experience please contact us to determine which level you should be in.  

Intro to pole

Brand new to pole dance?   Start with our Intro to Pole class!  This class will focus on the fundimentals of pole such as hand and feet placement, using momentum, putting spins, transitions and poses together to create a fluid dance.  Students will need to take this class an average of 3-5 times before moving to beginners pole.  You will learn to dance through an entire song!   






Chelcie Pole sit

So you have masted all of our Intro to Pole material and are now officially a beginner student!  In our beginners pole classes you will gradually learn more advanced spins, transitions, floor work, and more!  We will start learning basic pole sits, climbs and prepare for inversions with strength training!  


They say life is better upside down.... in our intermediate pole classes you will find out for yourself! You have come a long way from your first Intro to pole class!  In our Intermediate Pole classes we will start working on basic inversions, advanced sits, and basic pole tricks.  Combining your beginners pole spins and transitions with your new tricks will have you looking like a polished pole star!  

Keriinvert1 1


russian pink

By now you have become familiar with being upside down and are ready to move on to the big tricks!  This class will focus on taking your tricks to the top of the pole and working your way down gracefully dancing in the air.  You will work on strength moves, fluidity, and all of those moves you thought you would never be able to do!  

Specialty Pole Classes

Aside from our leveled pole dance classes, we offer specialty classes to compliment your pole dance traning!  

Spin Pole

Eventually every poler will want to pull the pin out of the base of their pole and set the pole to spin all by itself!  In our spin pole class we set the poles to spin mode and go over transitions, holds, climbs and tricks at your level.  For most pole competitions spin pole is a requirement but whether you plan on competing or not spin pole is a lot of fun and will make your routines dynamic!  Don't get DIZZY!  


In Poleography you will learn choreography utilizing the pole.  Routines vary between sexy style pole, themed and contemporary style pole.  At the start of each month a new routine will start and continue through the end of the month.  You should have a few beginners classes under your belt before you try your hand at our Poleography class! 

Pole Flow

Learn how to FLOW your pole spins, transitions, and tricks together in our pole flow class.  This class is a more contemporary based class and will focus on using emotions, creating shapes, and combing movement that catching the eye.  You may want to bring socks and knee pads to this class as occasionaly our flow will take us to the floor for some interesting basework (low pole movement).  

Sexy Basics

Grab your heels for this too hot to handle class!  In our Sexy basics class we will focus on all of the aspects that make a pole routine sexy!  Hair flips, body waves, hip circles and of course how to use those heels!  No experience is necessary for this class.  Learn how to accentuate your female figure using posing, hand placement and those bedroom eyes!  

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