Aerial Classes


Aerial dance training is a new addition to our studio!   We are excited to welcome our new instructors April and Arielle along with 3 new apparatus!  Aerial arts are often referred to as circus acts with much of their popularity deriving from circus and Cirque du Soleil. However, aerial training is becoming more popular as a form of fitness, dance, and recreational activity throughout the world.  Aerial training provides an all over body workout, strength training, flexibility training, and performing art all into one.  

For your safety our aerial classes are kept small and intimate.  Space is limited!  



Aerial Hammock

Aerial dance hammock is several yards of fabric rigged to create a sling in which you can connect a variety of poses and tricks that showcase flow and flexibility. 
Our beginners classes will focus on proper technique, inversions, poses and flexibility training.  Aerial hammock is a great place to start for students who are new to aerial arts. 



Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks, often referred to as Aerial Tissu, Aerial Ribbon or Aerial Fabric, is a long peice of special fabric rigged to create two hanging tails suspended in the air.  

Our beginner aerial silks classes will focus on the basicis of aerial silks.  You will learn the proper technique to hold the fabric, climb and invert, in order to create beautiful connecting poses. Pole students wishing to learn Aerial silks should be able to climb the pole.  


Aerial Hoop (Lyra)

Lyra often referred to as aerial hoop is a hoop shaped circus apparatus performers use to perform a series of holds and poses created to look like a flowing dance sequence while suspended in the air.  
Our Beginners Lyra classes will concentrate on the proper techniques, strength training, inversions, holds and poses needed to start your Lyra training.  
*  Students should wear leggings, and socks to all aerial classes!
*  Aerial classes are currently NOT included in our unlimited memberships or class packages.  Classes are avaliable for single sessions only.  Single sessions are $20 per person per class or 3 classes for $50.
Our Aerial instructors are avaliable for performances at your event!  For booking information please visit their performance troupe website at: