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If you are attending any of our pole classes please wear shorts and a t shirt or tank top to class. Heels are not required!  Please remember NO lotion or oil!  This will make your pole slippery and hard to hold on to. 

Yoga, sweats, shorts, or leggings can be worn to chair dance, sexy stretch or flirty floor.  All other classes please wear shorts!  

We require all of our students to be 18 years or older unless enrolled by a parent or gaurdian. 

You may walk in to a class however we can not gaurantee we will have spaces avaliable.  In order to ensure you have a space in class we recommed signing up for classes online. 

No we do not require you to wear heels.  However if you would like to wear heels you will need platiform pole dance heels.  Not regular everyday heels!  

YES!  We are a co-ed studio.  We allow men to any of our classes.  Please keep in mind that men naturally have different body shapes and strength than women so if you are a man interested in pole classes please call ahead so we can place you in the appropriate level.  

Please be respectful of our female students at all times!  Any inappropriate behavoir will result in suspension from our studio. 

Intro to pole is our introduction class for first timers!  In this class you will use the pole and learn basic movements around the pole, transitions and spins.  On average people attend this class from 1-3 times before moving on to beginners pole. 

Not necessarly.  We suggest coming to at least one intro to pole class just to get aquanted with our teaching style, the names of moves and how our classes opperate.  However if you would prefer to start at a different level please call and speak with someone.  We can assign you to the appropriate level classes. 

Yes!  If you sign in or register for a specific class your spot in that class is saved!  

In order to book a party you will need to call or E mail us and make sure that we have the date and time you would like to have your party avaliable.  When we confirm your date and time you will need to leave a $75 deposit to hold that date and time. Deposits can be made online, over the phone or by coming in to the studio.  The remaining balance of your party will be due apon arrival. The deposit is non-refundable!  

Yes!  We consider all private events "parties".  If you have a small group of friends who would all like to participate in a class together, than our Teaser Partry is perfect for you! Please call or email to make sure the date and time you would like is avaliable.  Teaser parties are $25 per person. 

YES!  If you are scheduling a Special Event party we allow you to bring food and drinks.  We apologize for any inconvience but we do not allow food and drinks in our Teaser parties.  

YES!  Take all of the photo's and vidoes you desire!  Don't forget to tag us on fb!  

YES !  A priviate party for you and your friends means you can invite whom ever you want!  However, please make sure all attendees are respectful at all times!  

Typically our classes are 1 hour long unless otherwise posted.  

Glad you asked!  Booty beat is one of our most popular classes!  Our booty beat class is a high energy "twerk" class.  In booty beat you will learn poping, clapping and isolations.  You will also get a great glute work out that will help to tone and shape your bum!  

Our flirty floor class teachs movments on the floor or floor dancing.  We teach leg work, shoulder and elbow stands, rolls and sensual movment.  This class is great to add to your pole or chair dance routine. 

No.  Our chair dance class is a routine designed to do with an audiance watching you from a distance and not to do on your audiance.  We do hold lap dance workshops once in awhile so if you are looking for that please check our schedule and studio event's page often!  

In our sexy stretch class we focus on flexibility for splits and back.  Flexibility is often needed in advanced level pole classes and more advanced floor work! 

YES!  You are more than welcome to take any of our classes with out having taken pole classes.  If you would like to take booty beat, chair dance, flirty floor, sexy stretch or any of our other classes please feel free to do so!  

Our contemporary dance class teaches peices of choreography in different styles.  You will learn turns, jumps spins and body movment.  This is a great class to pair with pole or chair and learn how to express emotion through your dance. You do not use the pole in this class. 

Pole play is designated time for you to come practice!  Open studio time!  Please do not use this time to attempt new moves!  

No.  Because we know this is a military town and most of our instructors and students are military or military wives we have kept our prices as low as possible.  We do however often offer special prices on events and free parties for our military!  These special events are posted on the event page of our site when we have them so check back often! 

Yes!  We run specials very often.  Please keep an eye on our website and facebook for our specials!